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This is a document we put up in Sorrento at PLOG.

Some team pages at https://plone.org/community/teams/ are out of date, and some teams are re-forming.

I'm most interested in the concept of newbie onboarding. This affects multiple areas: UX, Documentation, etc..
At the moment what I work on in my spare time is

  • making Plone theming even easier for the average designer.
  • making it easier for developers to get started with Plone (quick installation procedures, short tutorials)

Basically I'm wondering out loud if there should be a heading called "Onboarding".

I would say the most relevant team is the User experience team as thats about improving the user experience and first time themers is one important user experience.
Although thats up the leadership of the team. previously its tended to go towards just considering UI rather than end to end user experience (such as documentation, plone core concepts and mental models, simplifying to reduce confusion etc.. Hopefully that will change as I think Plone 6 should be the UX release of plone rather than plone 5 which is more the UI release.

I've signed up with the UI/UX team, in the absence of an "onboarding" team.

I would love to sign up for one or two teams, but: google docs?


Plone, in your eyes, is not suitable to handle editing of a very simple page with headings and text?

Did I miss something?


I created this gdoc in Sorrento and it was originally intended for quick real time editing/consumption. On my return from Sorrento I thought it would be useful to get it in front of the entire community, since we would love participation from as wide a group as possible!

If you'd like to join, please sign up. :slight_smile: and please don't mind (so much) the medium...

Once the team pages are up to date on plone.org we will have contact information there for you to use if you wish to communicate with or join a particular team.