Volto's form story?

What's the current story for forms in Volto? The kitconcept form builder seems a little unloved (no commits for a year), while the collective volto-form-block seems quite a bit more active. However, either of them are focused towards sending an email with the form data. Is there any work going into a volto solution for more actions as a result of the form, similar to the 'actions' concept in EasyForm?
Speaking of EasyForm... any integration in volto?

collective/volto-form-block is nice. The problem is with the "action handler", EasyForm port to plone.restapi would be the best probably.

Good to know where it's all at!
So if I were to build some 'actions' based on forms, you'd recommend extending volto-form-block?

volto-form-block is the only real option available, right now. I can imagine, maybe, that GitHub - collective/collective.volto.formsupport: Enable support for customizable forms in Volto gets ammended to include a Plone content rules trigger, which could be used to chain more actions on top of.