Volto: redirect to login page after logout

When I log out of my Volto instance, it does not redirect, it simply remains on the I'm on and changes my logged in state. If that page is not available to anonymous users this results in an "unauthorized" message.
I would prefer that users are redirected to the login page after logout. Where is this configurable on Volto?

Found it.
had to

  1. shadow the component customizations/components/manage/Toolbar/PersonalTools.jsx
    volto/packages/volto/src/components/manage/Toolbar/PersonalTools.jsx at main · plone/volto · GitHub

  2. Change the logout link to include a return_url=/login

 <Link id="toolbar-logout" to={`${getBaseUrl(pathname)}/logout?return_url=/login`}>

Now, when someone logs out they will always be redirected to the login page.