Volto: Custom Content Type View - Not Recognized After Update To Volto 14.8.1

I created custom views for content types of a Plone add-on. I created a Volto project based on Volto 14.1.0 some weeks ago and followed the training material about mastering Plone 6. The custom views were recognized and connected to the custom content types. I added the appropriate code lines to src/config.js of the Volto project.
I updated my project with 'yo @plone/volto' to Volto 14.8.1 today and the custom views were not recognized anymore. The custom content types get only a default view with title and description (no custom / extra fields displayed).
You could view the source code of my Volto project at:

The Plone backend is based on the Plone 6 branch of buildout.coredev.

I couldn't find an information about a change in the way to configure the connection of a custom content type and view yet. Did I miss something here?

Seems like your src/components/index.js file has been rewritten? It no longer exports the components.

@tiberiuichim thanks for your hint. That fixed my issue. :wink:

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