Views on a feature implementation in plone

Is the idea of creating a search feature which could search and fetch the user who wants to create a new site the add ons which would best suite their needs based on their description be a good enough feature to implement in GSOC?

The end goal of this idea is a recommendation engine which can understand the user's requirements and suggest add-ons based on the same.

Wanted to know views based on these questions:

  1. What level is this project considered as? (easy/medium/diffcult)
  2. Is this a good base to start with and draft my proposal?

Would love to hear the views, recommendations and suggestions of the community. Thanks in advance.

Also was in dilemma whether or not contact the mentors personally to get some more clarity about the project and to discuss about it. It would be helpful if I could get some clarity regarding the same. Although I have read that contacting mentors personally is not a good idea.
Please suggest a good approach to get to know the views of mentors for our ideas if contacting them personally is not recommended.

I'm assuming the next steps would be to create a draft proposal and then refine it with the help of mentors? Is it right?

Sorry, wromg trail. The mentors, a group of experienced developers using Plone for many,many years, control the GSOC proposals. It would be odd if aspirants could come up with their own topic through a proxy mentorr and apply as only aspirant for their own topic. This would be odd..this is not how it works. The current list of topics is as given for 2023.

I'm sorry if there's a misunderstanding, does plone encourage original ideas proposed by gsoc aspirants or should they stick to ideas proposed by the organisation only?

I didn't mean any disrespect to the mentors. All i wanted was thoughts on my idea for GSOC.

You may try to find a mentor for GSOC 2024 for your ideas. For 2023, too late.

Sir, please just tell me whether plone accepts aspirants' original ideas or not. As per GSOC official docs organisations do accept original ideas.

If plone doesn't accept them i could not see this information anywhere.

But i can submit a proposal for ideas mentioned by plone right?

I have spent considerable time on going through the training of plone and helpful answers to the above questions will be highly appreciated.

You have to find a mentor among the Plone developers that would accept and mentor your proposal.
This is unlikely to happen, to be honest. Looking at your topic proposal: an artificially constructed topic without much real-world use-case.