Versions.cfg web page needs updated version of

I edited a couple of pinned versions in buildout.cfg to update my Plone 5.1 site, including setting
Upon re-running buildout I got the message:
Error: The requirement ('') is not allowed by your [versions] constraint (2.0rc8)

Upon further troubleshooting, I found that the versions page:
has the setting that needs updating: = 2.0rc8

Should something like this be reported elsewhere?


I would say : NO

version 2.1.0 is very new.
The 5.1/version.cfg should stay as it was so no working Plone site gets updated without one knowing it (while running buildout).

For yourself, you can just edit change mosaic version in versions.cfg by downloading the file, adding it in buildout.cfg instead of the

basically, change:

extends =


extends = versions.cfg

@espenmn That makes sense and your fix I can do. Thanks!