Validators for dexterity

Hi everybody.
Do you know of any package that contains validators for dexterity forms?

I am currently using and contributing to this package from @smcmahon :

Anyway it has no release on PyPI.

Should I use another package?

I think I did that as demonstration code for a class. You're welcome to use it, but it's not under development.

For anyone reading this discussion, the package implements in Dexterity validators equivalent to those shipped with Archetypes. They'd be easy to use for TTW dexterity development. If someone has time to polish it and add tests, it might be a useful collective package.

Your demonstration code works really nice, congratulations :+1:

If you could merge the PR we did (small fixes and i18n), and release it on PyPI it would be great.

Or if you do not have time I can take care of moving my fork to the collective and release it on PyPI, of course granting you the Owner role.