Using on Plone 4.3

Hi all.

I'm trying to use latest "stable" version for Plone 4.3. Things are changed a lot from last time I checked it!
As I had problems making this works on a Plone where ATCT content types has been migrated to I did a test with a totally new Plone site:

First step: depencencies. I've pinned:

  • 1.1b5
  • 2.0.0
  • 1.1.4

I created a Plone site, then immediately installed p.a.contenttypes and migrated ATCT to dexterity with the provided view. This worked.

Then I added to buildout (having it present during migration gives error and migration fails), installed it, configured it for italian and english.
Now I have the two root folders: it and en.

If I copy the front-page page in the italian root, then try to translate it to english I get a NotFound error on a page with an URL like http://localhost:8080/Plone/en/++addtranslation++e2b9a937e4984367934495a939b232e0

I get the same issue if I create a new document in the italian folder the try to translate.

I checked the "Multilingual Support" behavior, and it's activated.

What I'm missing?

@keul Reproduced and figured out the issue. You could fix this by applying the following commit to 2.x branch and making or requesting a release:

The error is caused by translation view not being found. It seems that PAM < 3.0 has registered the main translation view against a CMFDefault browser layer, which was removed from use in Plone 4.3.5 (in plone.theme: 2.1.1 → 2.1.4 upgrade).

@datakurre thanks! The issue was fixed by @do3cc in the 2.x branch but no changeline was provded.
Plone 4.3.6 simply needs to use plone.theme 2.1.5, where the CMFDefault dependency has been restored.

Anybody can do a release plone p.a.multilingual? Current version is broken for Plone 4.3.5 and 4.3.6...

... I abort the new release request: I found issues (details will follow)

On github please :slight_smile:

@do3cc yes, two pull request opened. Seems that no-one used archetypes.multilingual on Plone 4.3 recently (neither on Plone 5 I fear).

Interesting, this is probably why Collage breaks on 4.3.6 Products.Collage broken on Plone 4.3.6.
So upgrading to plone.theme 2.1.5 might fix that too.