Using of maps in Plone 5

Colleagues, do you have any ideas about products for creating components Google/OpenStreetMaps layers with dynamically changed points and lines generated from PostGIS data? Ideally -- with a possibility of using maps as Dexterity field?

I briefly looked to collective.geo.openlayers, collective.geo.geographer, collective.geo.mapwidget and collective.geo.behaviour. All components installed into Plone 5.0.6 site, but example from

seems not working for me.

Does anyone had a successful experience with collective.geo bundle for Plone 5?

collective.geo.* is a complete mapping solution and quite feature loaded.

personally, I'm using a simpler approach with more integration work:

An example addon, which uses all this is:

I guess, pat-leaflet doesn't support lines or shapes out of the box. So this approach might not fit your requirements without extending and contributing to this stack.

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Thank you Johannes, I will take a look into that.

Matteo Parrucci an me upgraded all the collective.geo.* packages to work in Plone 5 during the ploneconf sprint in 2015. I remember it was all working nicely.
There is still a issue with the test-setup of collective.geo.bundle ( which I have no time resolving right now. If you have a specific problem ("seems not working" ist not very detailed...) please create a issue in

Thanks for quick response, Philip -- issue created:

Dexterty enabling of standart types for modern Plone seems like root of problem. Georeferencing needs collective.geo.behaviour manipulation and documentation from:

looks not actual for Plone 5.

Problems with maps visibility steel exist:

Castle displays geo data... might be helpful for hints:

Thank you! Looks interesting.

I installed castle.cms, but can't find info about correct starting of this system. It seems like zeo cluster, but don't have seoserver/clinets progs in bin directory. I can't find 'test' program described in github's README too. Can anyone throw me a hint?

Ah what I meant was for you to look at the code...

OK, a lot of puzzle-work )))

I am following some of the documentation, like:

… but I can not figure out how to use google maps (the documentation says it is possible)

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@espenmn - google is only (optionally) used for geosearch - so if you search for a place.
You can use any layer which works with leaflet but I guess not google maps.

What are you trying to do with leaflets and Google maps?

I am trying to get events to show on a map.

It works, but I wonder if it is possible to use google maps instead of open streetmap (with pat-leaflet)