User management (Project Idea from GSOC 2022) Inquiry

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great.

Earlier this year I started my journey learning how to code, and have gotten substantial knowledge of Html, Javascript, Typescript, React, CSS, and TailwindCSS.

I'm aspiring to participate in the next edition of GSoC, and I am extremely excited in beginning my journey in open source and providing value to a project that is helping people all around the world.

In order to prepare, I would love to make contributions to the Plone CMS Project.

I found that the User Management project idea was never worked on in last year's GSOC edition, and I was wondering if I could make some contributions to this project.

Can you please kindly confirm with me if this is still a project that will provide value to the Plone CMS ?

Also, after reading the documentation and trying out the demos, I noticed there are two versions of the frontend being maintained at the moment.

v5.2 and v6

Is this a project needed for both versions?

Thank you very much for your kind response as I await further clarifications on how to proceed.

Hello @robgietema, would love to hear from you as you were mentor on this project.