User actions in the edit bar?

What is the reason behind including the user actions (log out, preferences, etc) in the edit bar? Also, why is at the bottom instead of the top? We have several Plone sites that are extranets which require a login, but only a handful of users actually add/edit content. The rest of the users don't really need to see the edit bar, except for their user actions.

I haven't looked into what would actually be involved in changing this yet because I wanted to see if there were any big reasons to not move it out.

I typically split out css:theme="#personaltools" using Diazo, to separate the personal menu from the edit bar.

Not sure if it is a good idea, but the lazy way is to just copy / paste the actions in /portal_actions..

That would still leave the rest of the edit bar showing though. I want to change the condition of the edit bar to something like, only show if they have "Add portal content" or "Modify portal content". Does this Diazo change actually move it outside of the edit bar so it wouldn't be subject to that conditional?

There is a class on the body that changes based on the roles the current user has. That should do it.

I'm not sure I follow you here, it looks like the condition for showing the toolbar is just if the user is anonymous.

What I'm thinking of doing is subclassing with a browser layer, and changing the condition with that template to something custom. It will also hide the personal bar stuff. Then I'll register a new viewlet to go about where portal-anontools is. I dislike the idea of mucking around with the toolbar but it seems necessary here. Maybe in a future version of plone we could get a configuration option to include an independent user action area?

The edit bar is only visible if you pass it through in Diazo. If you copy over only the personal actions and don't copy the rest you're fine. You can then make the copying of the other parts of the edit bar dependent on the role classes Dylan pointed out. This does require some very precise Diazo extraction - you cannot copy over the edit bar as a whole because then you'd still have the personal actions inside the edit bar. If necessary you can embed xslt logic directly in your rules files.

the toolbar is not just an "edit bar"; it has many issues and must be redesigned; Nathan has already done some work around it:

please feel free to add a new issue into the list (if it's not already there):

You can use a drop rule, something like:

<rules css:if-content=".userrole-somerole">
  <drop css:content="#portal-toolbar" />