Upgrade to Plone 5 with wildcard.foldercontents?

I have a simple site started as Plone 4.3.3 with the addon wildcard.foldercontents, and upgraded to 4.3.12 without problems.
How do I proceed to upgrade to Plone 5?
I guess wildcard.foldercontents is only meant for Plone4 as it should be part of Plone 5 but it gives errors without it.

Have you tried (on a copy of your buildout and site!) to deactivate and remove wildcard.foldercontents? What is the error and what is your buildout.cfg?

You have to uninstall wildcard.foldercontents (either in controlpanel or quickinstaller) to uninstall the browserlayer. Then you can remove the product and upgrade to Plone 5 ...