Updating python2.6 in a Plone 4.3 environment?

Is there a useful description for updating from python2.6 to 2.7 in a Plone 4.3 environment?

  • backup first (code and data)
  • remove your bin, lib folder of your buildout
  • remove your eggs directory (since the installed packages are specific to the installed Python version)
  • create a Python 2.7 virtual environment
  • re-run the Plone bootstrap process with the installed Python for your virtual environment
  • re-run buildout
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install same plone version (4.3.XX) in another dir, copy the buildout,cfg, Data.fs and blobdirs over it (beware of keep the permissions) and rerun buildout.

You can try several time, recreating this envinronment, until you're sastisfied.

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