Updating easyform documentation

How can we update what's at https://collectiveeasyform.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ ? It dates back to 2014

Probably this was set up by Quinta Group? @agitator do you know who to contact here best?

Yeah, looks like it. Would be great to be able to take over whatever was set up and include updated info.


Hi guys,

I can give you access to the https://github.com/sorenabell/collective.easyform. Please provide your Github names.

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Thanks @sorenabell but your fork is much older than the one we use, https://github.com/collective/collective.easyform, so if you'd like to contribute your translations to ours that would be great.

@chervol had answered a private message of mine on another topic, not on how we could take over https://collectiveeasyform.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

Hi T. Kim Nguyen,

I contacted the collective.easyform original author @kroman0. Roman switched readthedocs pointer to github repository, so far builds are failing.

T. Kim if you have needed control on the readthedocs please take the lead. Or provide credentials to promote on the readthedocs.

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Thanks @chervol! On readthedocs.org I am tkimnguyen. Is that all you need?

Thanks @tkimnguyen You should have access now.

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Thanks @chervol! I see it now. I will figure out why the builds have been failing.