Unpublish of folder and its contents unpublishes everything

We're using a transmogrifier pipeline to migrate content from Plone 4.3.x to Plone 5.0.5. Everything appears to migrate smoothly and all content seems to work fine. However, we're noticing an issue where if you're two levels deep inside a folder, and you select a folder within and unpublish it and its contents, it will unpublish everything up to its parent folder. Kind of stuck on where to look or what mechanisms are at play here. Thoughts?

Hi @cthomas, could you explain a bit further? Specifics of what you are doing to unpublish the given folder, it might help. Are you using the folder contents view, or the menu action for unpublishing? If you can be more specific about exactly what steps you are taking, what your expected outcome is, and what the observed result is, that will help us to help you diagnose the cause.

Just wanted to update everyone as I believe I've found and resolved the issue. Plone 5.0.5 ships with plone.app.content 3.1.1 (least mine did). This aparently has an issue that was resolved in a later release. Pinning up to 3.2 seems to have fixed the issue.

A bit more detail on what we were seeing (including steps).

Click Contents from editing toolbar. Browse down several folders deep in folder contents view. Check the box next to a folder and from the top button bar, change its state, along with its children to private. What it would do is unpublish everything within that folder, up to the root of the site, including its parents. What I was expecting was the folder and its contents to be unpublished, not the whole way back to the root.

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@cthomas thanks for the follow-up. Sounds like you've solved the problem, and it's always helpful to the larger community when you take the time to share the solution you found. Much appreciated!