Uninstall plone.app.ldap to move to pas.plugins.ldap

How do you remove/uninstall plone.app.ldap to move to using pas.plugins.ldap? This is on 5.1.5 and I want to move the datastore to the new 5.2 version which will use pas.plugins.ldap.

In the add-ons (modules) control panel you can deactivate "LDAP support". You should do that. But unfortunately this does not fix everything.

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I have created a pull request to add an uninstall procedure.


Thanks for the uninstall information and the PR. I have not had a chance to try the steps you mentioned yet.

@rbeerster just pin plone.app.ldap to version 1.4.4 and the uninstall will work fine. Thx to @mauritsvanrees!


Thanks for the update!