Uninstall controlpanel issues

I really hope, and think, this is an easy one. I'm just missing something.

Anyone know how to make a controlpanel configlet cleanly uninstall with Generic Setup?

in profiles/uninstall/controlpanel.xml

I've tried remove="True" remove="true" delete="true" pleasegoaway='pretty please' and nothing seems to work. the link remains under add-on configuration - just throws an exception when you click it after uninstall.

for example: https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlacefulWorkflow/blob/master/Products/CMFPlacefulWorkflow/profiles/uninstall/controlpanel.xml

Any Ideas?

Plone 4.1 / CMFPlone-4.1

Eeek. I hope this is not the answer...

Looks like it wasn't implemented until 5.1

Can anyone confirm?

here is an example with tests:


Those tests are so nice and clean. I am totally stealing those.

Other than moving remove="True" as the first attribute of the conflglet, looks the same. Have you tested on Plone 4.1 ? (CMFPlone-4.1-py2.7 )

There's also this for uninstallation testing.

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that's quite old and it probably needs some old-school uninstall code:

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Yeah, we are totally old school. Hopefully not for long tho. Thanks man.