Unable to install plone 5.2 series on Windows

Hello community,
I would like again to present feedback on the installation of the plone 5 series under Windows.
Beyond plone 5.1.5, it was no longer possible to install plone on Windows, since my last successful installation dates back to this version. Version 5.1.6, 5.2.0,5.2.1 r1, r2, r3 failed.
I specify the different versions of python: 2.7.15, 2.7.1, 2.7.17.
For the last attempt, I present the error message below.
Still the famous "IndexError: list index out of range".
Here is the complete result:

"Microsoft Windows [version 10.0.18363.657]
(c) 2019 Microsoft Corporation. Tous droits réservés.

C:\Users\Yoga-Siddhi>cd \

C:>cd Plone-5.2.1-UnifiedInstaller-r3

C:\Plone-5.2.1-UnifiedInstaller-r3>windows_install.bat standalone --password=admin

C:\Plone-5.2.1-UnifiedInstaller-r3>python helper_scripts\windows_install.py standalone --password=admin
Preparing python virtualenv
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "helper_scripts\windows_install.py", line 107, in
vepackagedir = glob.glob(os.path.join(opt.target, 'virtualenv*'))[0]
IndexError: list index out of range


Anyone have an idea of a way out to move forward?
Thanks in advance.

The bug you're hitting is a problem with the current release of the Unified Installer, but even if that is fixed, 5.2.x is not going to install natively on Windows until there's a fix for https://github.com/plone/plone.staticresources/issues/35. Until that problem is fixed, you'll need to use a non-native solution like Vagrant/VirtualBox or Docker. Or step back to 5.1.x, which will build natively on Windows with Python 2.7.x.

A side note: the 5.2 release page has a note indicating that it is not yet working with Windows. The 5.2.1 release page needs a similar note in order to save pain for testers like Adomy.