Unable to insert image in the body (plone5)

Hi all,
I'm using a fresh new plone 5.0.4 installation.
I've created some folders and pages without problem.
I'm trying to put an image in the body of a page using the "image" button in Tinymce.
If I upload the image via "image selection popup" of Tiny it's all ok, but nothing happens when I say to Tinymce to use an image already present in the site. I can browse, via Tiny popup window, the images stored in the site but when I click nothing happens.
In the "inspector tool" of the browser there aren't errors or warnings.


Do you have a non-english language selected? There was a bug in 5.0.4 that caused this with different languages and should be fixed once 5.0.5 is released.

See https://github.com/plone/plone.app.content/issues/77

You can upgrade to plone.app.content 3.1.1 to fix in the meantime.

Thank you,
fixed upgrading plone.app.content to 3.1.1