Unable to display the tab for my view


While customizing my plone-based application, I successfully created the view by creating following files:

I made the entry in configure.zcml and I can access the view by typing URL in browser. But, I am unable to display the tab along-with other tabs being displayed for this Type.

I entered action element for this view in the following file:

Please help; do I need to make entry in some other file?


This goes to available view methods, not actions.

Thanks. But, which files contains these available view methods?

Custom view are configured through view_methods inside the FTI

  <property name="view_methods">
    <element value="view"/>
    <element value="folder-subcontent-listing"/>
    <element value="folder-teaser-listing"/>
    <element value="folder-document-teaser-listing"/>
    <element value="folder-flat-listing"/>
    <element value="folder-document-flat-listing"/>
    <element value="conference-folder-listing"/>

Thanks a lot. The name of my type is AnalysisRequest, I can see following line in profiles/default/types.xml:

Then, I found following file 'AnalysisRequest.xml' at path profiles/defaults/types. I opened this file and added following property in this file (as suggested by you):

I ran the buildout script and checked, but the new tab was not added for 'AnalysisRequest'.

Moreover, I can see 6 tabs for AnalysisRequest but no view is defined in 'AnalysisRequest.xml' file. I am unable to find any entry for these 6 views in any xml file.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Buildout has nothing to do with your site configuration in particular with the types XML files. You need to reimport the related profile through portal_setup or just make the changes for now manually in the ZMI in portal_types.

Thank you so much for your support.