"Translating" Website for different Regions

We have used the B approach for several of our customers.

You just need to enable "show country language variations" in Plone Language Tool configuration and thus you will get 'en-us', 'en-uk', ..., 'fr-fr', 'fr-be', ...

Moreover you can use collective.linguadomains to signal Plone which languages it should provide under which domain and redirect accordingly.

We developed a custom "copier" which copies all the contents of a "language-country" to another "language-country" and have something to start working on. Similarly you can develop some subscribers to notify content-changes or whatever you need.

Some of our examples are:

http://www.ulmaconstruction.com/ as a "international site" with en and es as languages and http://www.ulmaconstruction.es/es-es a "local site for spain in spanish". It has several other language-country configurations.

http://www.ascelec.orona.be/fr-be as "french in Belgium" site with http://www.orona.eus/eu for "basque" language site.

Sometimes you need to patch the language availability vocabulary in Plone (plone.i18n.locales.languages) to create fake language-countries. For instance to create "english for France" and things like that.

In both cases all websites are handled using a single Plone site.

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