Translating Plone 5 and transifex

Are there more current docs for translating Plone than Are these docs still valid for Plone 5? They should mention Plone 5 then and also also cover translations for mockup (since the process is different there).

There seemed to be an attempt to use transifex in 2013 (e.g. Who knows why that was abandoned?

@macagua, Would you know what happened to Transifex approach? It seems, it cannot be used even for a single language right now, because POT files have not been updated and it's missing mockup translations?

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@svx, @polyester, @giacomos Since you are maintainers of Plone project at Transifex, would you know, if is it currently use and if not, why?

I remember that we were supposed to be able to translate Plone documentation through Transifex, but translating seem to have been only an experiment?

I'm in need for a setup where non-developers would be able to enhance quality of Finnish translations, so I would have some time to work for a common Transifex setup for Plone projects, but

  1. I'd need enough permissions at Transifex plone/plone to be able to add new pot files and sync existing ones

  2. any advice for naming or other related usage policies at Transifex would be helpful (current naming policy under plone/plone does not seem consistent); e.g. how should the resources be named and should we have plone/collective for translations for collective packages?

It's obvious that community cannot be forced to use Transifex, but I'd very much like to have set of tools for easy optional workflow for using Transifex with plone and collective projects (maybe a buildout recipe with a few scripts to keep translations in sync with a friendly way).