Transform content links to use resolveuid

I'm working on a site where, to my horror, I discovered that the "Link using UIDs" checkbox in @@tinymce-controlpanel was UNchecked, after noticing that all links in content were relative. This site has gone through various upgrades, so I have no idea whether that setting used to be off by default, or why it would have been turned off. (I just verified that the current default is ON.) Be that as it may, this site has a lot of content, and we are just starting a major reorg. I am worried about breaking a lot of old links.
Does anyone have a script that applies a transform to all content in bulk to convert all links to use resolveuid, or any other tips?

The site is Plone 4, but I don't think it matters in this case.


You are a lucky guy and you should thanks @keul for rt.bulkmodify: :wink:


Thanks! rt.bulkmodify looks like a very handy swiss army knife.
I also found, which is more targeted to what I'm trying to do. It has a couple small issues, but I got it to work.

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@fulv we used pareto.uidfixer 2-2.5 years ago on a project, but needed a number of fixes that we published on our own github repository.

You might want to check if our fixes/modifications are relevant for you. Pareto the company went out of business shortly before we needed the tool, so we couldn't push the fixes to the original repository.

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Maybe one of you could fork it to the collective?