Trainings Plone Conference 2014?

Dear Community,

I am interesting which trainings I will be able to attend on Plone Conference 2014 Bristol, UK?

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Looks like the details are still being worked out. Keep an eye on the conference website


I am also interested in attending Plone Conference and still waiting for full details.



i know there will be two versions of the Mastering-Plone Training ( The beginner course will most probably be held by Steve McMahon, the advanced course by me.

There are rumors about a possible mockup training by @thet and Franco:

It would be nice to have as soon as possible some details about the training so people organize their bookings.

@matth: approximately when do you think the training page ( will be ready?

Matt is in the process of finalizing the details. If everything works out,
there will be four two-day classes:

  • Mastering Plone, part 1
  • Mastering Plone, part 2
  • Mockup
  • Theming

This isn't firm until the official announcement.

Thank you very much @smcmahon !

It's possible that a Pyramid class may join the list.

To make things even more exciting, conference organizers are working on a
plan to have the training be sponsored so that it will be available for a
very low cost -- basically a registration fee to make sure signing up is
taken seriously.

Again, nothing is firm until announcement.

All training details are now on the conference website at: