Training Team Meeting Notes from 23.06.2017

Notes from Training Team Meeting on 06.04.2017

Attendants: Chrisy, Paul, Kim, Ramon, Fulvio, Philip, Franco, Steve, Jean, Maik

Review Ploneconf 2016

A lot of things were great but here are some things that we want to add/improve:

  • We need people to register for trainings so the trainer can expect how many people will show up.
  • We should hand out some kind of Certificate of Attendance after each training
  • We might want to hand out printed schedules for each training
  • We could hand out the training-documentation in a printed form for each training
  • We could collect feedback about each trainings in a form

Why do we even bother?

  • Produce high-quality online materials and docs that last far longer and benefit many more people than just the live attendees.
  • Improve and update existing training documentation
  • Add missing training documentation for strategically important topics (e.g. restapi)
  • Attract new developers and clients to Plone
  • Enable everyone to use the same best-practices

Trainings during Ploneconf

Trainings will be included in the Conference Ticket.

The conference will have three tracks (Plone/Javascript/Python)
The JS and Python-Tracks will contribute one or two 2-day trainings each in addition to what we will offer.

We decided to give a couple of Trainings at Ploneconf 2017 in Barcelona.

Currently we're thinking about the following:

  • Mastering Plone (Philip & Thomas)
  • JavaScript for Plone Developers (Franco, Johannes, Fulvio)
  • Building a Angular4-App using restapi on top of Plone. (Eric B.)
  • Deployment (maybe with more on container-based approaches) (Steve)
  • Hacking Plone / Through-the-web Plone customization (Dexterity, Mosaic, Diazo, Rapido) (Jean)
  • Configuring Plone (Fred)
  • Mastering Plone Theming (Maik)
  • Workflow (Kim or Calvin)
  • Learn Plone (Paul)
  • Building Applications with Guillotina (Nathan)

The list is by no means final yet. Also we need to confirm trainers for all of the trainings.

If you want to propose or even give a training please contact Philip.


Sven wants to implement new structure of the training-documentation.
To find enough time to do that he will not give a training.

We need to link to the unlinked trainings on (Javascript, Workflow)


Housing for Trainers has already been secured. We have at least six 3-person rooms.
It is just across the street from the conference location in the University Residence.
We'll collect additional details about the housing (E.g.: Can we have breakfast and a party there?)

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Just a remark :slight_smile:

I will not write a entire training that is right, but I will help Steve with some preps and also with giving the training :slight_smile:

:sunglasses: very much interested in the Angular and Guillotina stuff!

@calvinhp won't be able to make it so I will be doing it.

I'd also like to see us use the badge system we have on! We could use this as the start of a Plone certification or series of training classes taken.