Training Team Meeting Notes from 21.06.2018

Notes from the Training Team Meeting on 21.06.2018

Chrissy Wainwright, Eric Bréhault, Fulvio Casali, Jean Jordaan, Nathan Van Gheem, Oz Nahum, Philip Bauer, Thomas Massmann, Thomas Schorr, Andrea Cecchi

Why do we even bother?

  • Produce high-quality online materials and docs that last far longer and benefit many more people than just the live attendees.
  • Improve and update existing training documentation
  • Add missing training documentation for strategically important topics (e.g. restapi)
  • Attract new developers and users to Plone
  • Enable everyone to use the same best-practices

What we want to change

Things went really well last year but we want to improve:

  • Collect feedback about each trainings in a form
  • Hand out a Certificate of Attendance

Trainings at Ploneconf 2018

Trainings are included in the Conference Ticket.

We require registration (to be able to anticipate how many students will be in which training)

Confirmed Trainings

Mastering Plone 5 Development (Philip Bauer, Thomas Schorr)
Intro to Castle CMS (Kim T. Nguyen). It would be nice to also have a Intro to Quaive
Learn Plone (Paul Roeland, Manabu Terada). A 1/2 day beginner training
Hacking Plone (Jean Jordaan). We will probably drop rapido from the schedule. Co-trainers wanted.
Transmogrifier (Chrissy Wainwright)
Gatsby - use restapi and a js framework. retrieve content to build a static website - 1 Day

Trainings we want to have but are not confirmed yet

Plone React
JavaScript for Plone Developers, The current stack (patternslib/mockup/resources)
Mastering Plone Theming. Maybe 2 day or take some stuff out.
Use the Power! Plone Forms & Workflow
Python Bootcamp

Training we will probably not have

Build your own Python web framework from Scratch
Using the Angular SDK with Plone restapi
Deploying Plone

The list is not final. If you think we are missing a very important topic please contact me.

We are looking for trainers and co-trainers! If you want to give or want to help giving one of the trainings above please contact me.

The list at needs updated Titles and Descriptions


We currently have 5 rooms for trainings. This is probably not enough.
The rooms all have internet, projector, whiteboard and power-plugs.


We need to review existing training-documentation and see what needs to be updated or removed.


Housing for trainers will be provided. If additionally a free or discounted conference ticket can be offered depends on the conference finances.


Housing for Trainers is for 8 nights so that trainers can stay for the sprint. Check-in: Sunday 04.11.2018, Check-out: Monday 12.11.2018.

We asked the organizers if it is possible that trainers who bring their spouses/partners can share a room.

Trainers should add their information to the spradsheet at