Training Team Meeting Notes from 07.09.2017

Attendants: Plenty.

Trainings at Ploneconf

The list of trainings is final for now. Maybe there will be another js-training. The djangogirls-workshop will be on Saturday and not during the trainings.

Training Documentation

See email by Sven.
Please update the docs to use Plone 5.1 (rc1 will be out this week)
Have someone proofread your docs!
To start fresh copy the folder of the workflow training and replace the content. This way you can keep some boilerplate structure and setup.


The schedule is agreed on and will be published on the website.
Here it is:

Training Registration

We only have 15 signups so far but over 100 registratiosn for the conference. Victor will email all attendees to regoster for a training when the schedule is published. We expect 80+ attendees.

Trainer Accommodation

Victor visited the trainer accomodation today and sent some pictures. The appartments are indeed to small for three people, sop we'll put 2 people in one room. Please add you roommate to

Putting this here:

This creates a clean structure for training documentation.

Tell me if you want to use it, if yes, I will add more and improved boilerplate, including basic tests for documentation and such.


I'd use it! Easier than copying an existing training class.