Training Team Meeting for Ploneconf 2018

Dear Plone-people. It is high time to have a hangout to plan the trainings at Ploneconf 2018 in Tokyo!

We meet in a hangout this thursday at 4pm UTC:

We plan to have a similar number of trainings as last year. So far we have three new trainings on the agenda:

  • Developing Plone with Plone-React
  • Migrations with Transmogrifier
  • A "Learn Plone" training in japanese (walk-in)

We collect all infos on the trainings in

If you are interested in giving a training or want to help organizing them please attend the meeting or send me a email.
If you have a suggestion for a great training please send me a email.


  • Training and Trainers
  • Trainer housing
  • Organisational stuff

Notes from the meeting are here: Training Team Meeting Notes from 21.06.2018