Tickets are now available for Plone Digital Experience Conference 2016

Hi everyone - it gives us great pleasure to announce that tickets are now available! We set aside 100 early bird tickets at a $100 discount, so get them while you can :slight_smile:

The Microsoft NERD Center, where our keynotes and talks will be held October 19-21, 2016, is a fantastic venue but unfortunately is capacity limited to 225 persons.

We have posted preliminary lists of available training classes; as in Bucharest last year, these training classes are included in your ticket price! This is an awesome opportunity to catch up on a wide range of Plone 5 skills. We have also posted our keynotes and invited talks.

If there is a talk youโ€™d like to give, please submit your idea! If your talk is accepted, you will also receive a $100 discount code on your ticket purchase.

It is very exciting to get this great show on the road!

/Sally Kleinfeldt, Cris Ewing, and Kim Nguyen

The Plone Digital Experience Conference 2016
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
October 17-23, 2016

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40% of early bird tickets are already gone - don't miss out!

Only 6 early bird tickets left... that's a $100 discount!

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