Thank you everyone!

I just wanted to thank everyone here that helped us migrate away from Plone. Our organization of roughly 90,000 people is now better, more productive, and less dependent on an unreliable platform.
We are sincerely thankful for all the good people here that helped us migrate our data.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Would you mind naming your organization and the name the old system?
Perhaps you could share your experience on

"away from" :open_mouth:

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This post has so many meanings and I'm too confused to choose one...

I'm think that he was ironic. The Plone ecossystem is entarily free, so, if people want to use it seamless, they have to study a bit or, at least, paying for specialized persons. Whidout undestand how the Plone works, maybe the best way is to go to a paid solution.

I love Plone and I work with this for more than eleven years without problemns.