Tests for 1.x series of plone.app.event seem to be broken

Continuing the discussion from Plone 4.3.12 soft-released:

I want to fix the issue we recently discovered with the release of Plone 4.3.12; @mauritsvanrees mentioned this release depends on plone.app.upgrade 2.0.0 and this new release doesn't depends on Products.contentmigration.

I'm trying to update the test builds for plone.app.event on 1.x, but seems the tests are broken in that branch.

I would love to have separate builds for Archetypes and Dexterity to find out why an upgrade step on Archetypes is called even when we want to use only the Dexterity version.

@thet @jensens could you please guide me here?

@hvelarde I replied to this question in the other thread, it's because Products.ATContentTypes is in the python path, so it includes the at/configure.zcml

yes, but that's a mistake; the upgrade step must be fixed so it doesn't fail in case Archetypes is not installed.