Tabbed content for Plone 4.3.x


Is there no add-on or plugins for tabulating contents in a page supporting Plone 4.3.x?

I have tried collective.kuputabs and collective.tabr with no success. Have even tried to replicate the default jQuery tabulation by Plone in "Edit" screen by structuring the content with fieldset and that hasn't taken me any further than I would've wished.

Can someone please help with other suggestions for creating tabbed contents in a page?


Hi Ash, see

I wrote this quite a while ago, but it should still work in Plone 4.3. form_tabbing.js was removed from Plone at some point, but I think that was with Plone 5.


Hallo Ash,
some time ago i tryed solving it by: show all folders content as tab, besides first content above the tab-line.
For building the tabs i used
`Accessible Tabs - jQuery plugin for accessible, unobtrusive tabs

And for Displaying folders contents following js:

if ($(".link-category:contains('ShowAsTabs')").length) { $("#content-core .visualIEFloatFix").slice(1).wrapAll( "<div class='tabs' />"); $("#content-core .visualIEFloatFix").slice(1).addClass('tabbody'); $("#content-core h2.headline").slice(1).each(function(){ $("#content-core h2.headline > a").contents().unwrap(); $('.navTreeCurrentNode ul.navTree').hide(); }); }

So it works like: set folders catagory to 'ShowAsTabs' and Display to 'FullView'.
Hope you can use that.

Apologies for the delay Chrissy. That solution was simple and perfect!.

If we are migrating to Plone 5 then the other extensions I mentioned previously might actually work. Think they failed in 4.3 because of compatibility issues.

Thanks much Jan. That's a useful concept which can probably work in any Plone version.

I'll try this as well to give people some choices :wink: