- read only mode


We are sending you this mail to inform you that we will shutdown as an active service at the end of the year. will stay online as read only if you still use it for
development, please make sure to transfer your projects on time.

We will further provide a archive as tar.gz.



[in name of the AI-Team]


Hi @svx

I found out today of a project that's still in SVN. I've forgotten about it until someone emailed me about it today.

I can't check it out because of this error:
svn: E020014: Can't find a temporary directory: Internal error

which AFAIK is related to the fact that SVN is now read-only.

Can you please help?


Yes that is right, svn is temp. read only because we are moving stuff around at the moment as soon as that is finished svn will be operational again.

Sorry for the inconvenience we have some temp. shortage with hardware which will be hopefully solved soon.

Ok, thanks for explaining. Will you please mention it here after it's operational again?

svn is working again:

svx@beaker:~$ svn checkout
A trunk/slc
A trunk/slc/autocategorize
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/profiles
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/profiles/default
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/profiles/default/browserlayer.xml
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/profiles/default/metadata.xml
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/configure.zcml
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/README.txt
A trunk/slc/autocategorize/
A trunk/slc/
A trunk/
A trunk/docs
A trunk/docs/HISTORY.txt
A trunk/docs/LICENSE.txt
A trunk/docs/LICENSE.GPL
A trunk/docs/INSTALL.txt
A trunk/README.txt
A trunk/setup.cfg
U trunk
Checked out revision 252880.

Just a reminder, if you want to transfer stuff from now is the time, we are closing in on the read only date !

so "checkout" should continue to work, just not commit?

Yes, it should, at least that is the plan :smile:

At some point we would like to take it down completely, but this is more the 'long term plan' :wink:

good :wink: