Suppress or disable workflow state change messages

If you change the state of an object there is a message (Item state changed) shown. Is there an option to suppress or disable workflow state messages?

Drop it via a diazo rule, that would be my first option.

You could maybe go to http://yoursite//manage-viewlets

And hide global status messages.

If you just want to hide some of them, I would do it with CSS

Sorry, no diazo here :wink:

Disable the entire viewlet is not an option. I want to display other notifications. I just want to disable notifications on status change. Unfortunately they do not have an identifier (id or class) to hide it via CSS oder JavaScript.

In my case it's a custom workflow. Is maybe there an option to disable notifications somehow? Next step is to dig into workflow notifications and filter only them. Any ideas/hints on that?

Override the Viewlet and check your Conditions in the "enabled" Method.

Slightly related: Status message with links (note: mtype )

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