Summer Of Code Begins (and thanks to all)

This morning, the official announcement was made for the selection of 2017 Google Summer of Code projects. Plone has the honor of serving five wonderful students this year as they work on a project.

I would like to take a moment to congratulate the five successful applicants: Shriyansh Agrawal (@Shriyanshagro), Oshane Bailey (@b4oshany), Mikko Hursti (@mikkohu), K C Pavithira Reddy (@pavithirakc), and Noel Varghese (@envy7). We are so glad you chose Plone for your GSoC experience!

Plone folks, if you see any of these wonderful students hanging around here, or in IRC, please take a moment to say hello and help them to feel welcome!

I'd also like to thank all the students who submitted applications this year. We received far more applications that we could possibly support. For those of you were not selected, know that we appreciated your hard work and we have enjoyed working with you so far. We hope you'll continue here with Plone and that we'll see an application from you again next year.

Finally, I'd like to thank those in the community who have served so far to review and evaluate applications, and who continue to serve as mentors for our new students. Without your service, Plone would not be the same. If you aren't in this crew this year, consider participating next year. It's a great experience, and a wonderful way to help grow the Plone family.


Really excited to be working with Plone this summer :smiley:


Welcome @Shriyanshagro, @b4oshany, @mikkohu, @pavithirakc and @envy7 :slight_smile:
All the best for GSoC... will keep my eye open on this forum for questions you may have.

I am most interested in the Content Import/Export and the Theme Editor projects.
@Shriyanshagro I have a few scripts hanging around that may be good references for "Content Import and Export", based on reading this forum I also think that @djay, @hvelarde and @rodfersou are good resources. Send me a private message or an @ message for more details.

@b4oshany you know how to reach me (I also know you have another few more days of exams) but we'll definitely talk.


Looking forward to a great summer ahead :slight_smile:

Thanks @pigeonflight that would be really helpful. I'll just need a couple of days to wrap things up and then we can converse possibly here-

@pavithirakc I am eager to get working with you and @Alexander_Loechel on the (badly needed) improvements to!

Looking forward to have a great time this summer, working with plone :slight_smile: