Subclassing Dexterity Items

Say I want to subclass the dexterity version of the file type from How is this done in code? I have not found any articles about it. I have tried via portal types in the ZMI. It works there.



Creating a copy of the FTI of a type in portal_types has nothing to do with subclassing in the sense of object-oriented programming.

class MyType(BaseType):


and add an adjusted FTI for your new type to portal_types with the the adjusted class and interface of the schema...basically.


Ok. So it is straight forward. I was expecting something more complex. Will try this now.



@h2o you could read

Slightly unrelated: In Dexterity, where a lot of things have 'moved to behaviors', it is fairly easy to make a Content type TTW ( at @@dexterity-types ) and just export it and add it to your product.