Students interested in GSoC 2022

Hello everyone
I am Tanya Chhabra, a coding enthusiast, and a web developer. My expertise is in the MERN stack and I am particularly fluent in the react framework. Currently, I am learning and upskilling myself by building various development projects and I also have experience as a web developer in a startup. The open-source community amazes me and that is why I am looking to contribute to the Plone foundation. I am also interested in applying for GSoC 2022 in the 'new volto theme" project.
Just wanted to introduce myself to the team and get as much guidance as possible.

I have already cloned the volto repository, gone through the documentation and training and now I am looking to solve a beginner-level issue in the said repository.

Navigate Using Redirects

I was going through the react training documentation. In section 20 called Navigate Using Redirects we need to change useHistory to useNavigate as the react-router-dom package has been updated. Should I create an issue for the same?

Hi @TC5022 , Welcome to Plone!
We are using react-router-dom v5.x which works well for us. Indeed for your use case, we need to upgrade it to 6.x and make sure everything works.

I'd suggest you can also look into some relevant GSoC ideas which interests you and create a specific Topic in here( by tagging the desired mentor ) and start discussion from there.

@nileshgulia1 Thank you for your reply.
I think if we want to keep using 5.x then we should specify that in the documentation. The command could be changed to

yarn add react-router-dom@^5.0

This is because simply running the above command without specifying the version installs 6.x and that gives an error when we use the useHistory hook.

Also, I went through the ideas and I am interested in working on the volto-theme project. Will create a new topic for the same :grinning:

Creating a Pull Request

I am currently working on this issue in the training repository. Since this is my first time contributing to plone, I had a few doubts which I wanted to clarify before creating a PR:

  • After forking the said repository, should create a new branch or commit the changes in the master branch?

  • It is mentioned here that we need to update CHANGES.rst as well with a summary of the change. Is that supposed to be done for the training documentation?

Create a PR from feature branch to master ( Never commit/push directly on master ) with a proper changelog/Changes.rst describing your changes.

I have already created an issue for the same. Check #592 :slightly_smiling_face:

I have assigned this issue to myself and was going to push PR. As it is your first issue. If you would like to go ahead, please assign it to yourself. :rocket:

Understood. Thanks

Oh okay. I didn't know you were already working on it. Please go ahead.

I recently created my first PR in the training repository. However, all 5 of the checks are failing in the deploy preview. On checking the log, I found out that there is an issue with the Sphinx version.
Is there anything I can do to resolve this? Or can I remove the checks altogether?
Kindly help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there, I am Pranay Prajapati and I am currently pursuing computer science engineering. I am really fond of MERN stack development. I have experience with python framework life Django and flask. This year for GSoC 2022 it would be a great opportunity to contribute to the Plone foundation. the idea of Customization features in Volto excites me. and is in my area of interest. I have started diving into the codebase and I want to learn more about this idea, and how I can contribute maximum to this issue. please guide me so I can have a deep understanding of this idea.

Warm regards
Pranay Prajapati

Hello Everyone :wave:

I am Bhavya Tewari and I am currently pursuing by Bachelors in Technology from the University of Delhi, India. At the moment, I am studying web development using the MERN stack with more experience in frontend using ReactJS. I am looking forward to contribute to the "Volto Theme" project as I found it the most relatable. I have set up the work environment for the same and am looking forward to contribute to beginner-friendly issues.

Hope to gain experience and exposure under the able mentors and apply for GSoC '22. :smiley:

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