Streaming video and radio

(plone 4.3.6)

Recently we added a player to display live video and radio on our Plone site. When creating this new feature, we used HLS.js to view streaming, however we had some problems with CORS because the user provided a link that usually belonged to another domain. Searching extensively, we found Plone.restapi that addressed some CORS issues.

The new feature of the site, now can stream to anonymous users(image 1), but for logged users(image 2) the player performs an eternal and unanswered request.

I think it may have something to do with X-XSS-Protection.

Can somebody help me?

image 1 - view anonymous users

image 2 - view Logged user

Your browser error console tells you what?

For anonymous users, live video and radio work normally and return something similar
Browser network to Anonymous User (live video):

But, for logged in users, they do not return image or audio

Browser error cosole to Logged User (live video):

Browser error cosole to Logged User (radio): [the radio player return "network error"]