Status of RobotFramework tests in Plone 5

What's the status of RobotFramework keywords and Plone 5? For us is pretty important to continue using the same tests we already have without having to modify them for Plone 5.

Last time we checked it we still had some incompatibilities on the current keywords.

Here is an example:

The idea was to abstract selectors into variables and then Plone 4 and Plone 5 could have different selectors (or if that is not enough, then different helper keyword implementations).

The basic setup is there already so that Plone 4 and Plone 5 will include different version specific resource (for variables and helper keywords):

Unfortunately, nobody finished the work. I'm starting Plone 5 migrations only this year, so probably I'll fix some of them eventually, but help is more than welcome.

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if you can guide us, we can help; let's have a talk on IRC when you have some time.