Status of collective.portlet.embed (and: general approach about orphans projects)

Recently I tried to contact the only Owner/Maintainer of collective.portlet.embed (add-on from Makina Corpus). The guy, Jean-Michel AKA toutpt, seems not involved in Plone development recently but he's the only one able to release on pypi.
Unluckily I got no reply back (maybe he's on holidays).

Apart the single case: what can be the best approach to prevent a collective add-on to became unmaintained?

I saw that some add-ons are shared with a "collective" user. He's an account owner by Plone foundation/board/framework-team/... or something like that?

Can we find a way to "ping" all of the maintainers of add-ons on collective to share permissions with this user?

I think members of the framework team and others on the plone-developers list can assign permissions to release things to pypi, or do you need something else?

Right now I'm only checking if the add-on is still maintained in any way (I've a pending translation branch, but nothing really important).

Are you of this? How can the framework team have powers onto packages not shared on pypi? Seems weird.

not on PyPI; I don't know if there is an alternate way to solve this but, yes, it's an issue.

lately I've been adding the collective account on PyPI as a maintainer of all of our packages to avoid this kind of issues.

maybe some of the guys from Makina Corpus (Eric?) still have contact with toutpt and can ping him to help on that.

Let's give him some more days, maybe he's really still on vacation.

So: just a confirmation - the pypi collective account is under the control of the community?

OK, toutpt gave me pypi access.

I'll start sharing all of my projects with collective pypi user also.