Status and usage of collective.indexing

I'm curious as to whether collective.indexing is being used in production in presumably larger Plone sites.

If there's benefit in using deferred indexing at the end of the transaction, why isn't this add'on more publicly advertised/seen in buildouts or even the installer, are there any risks/drawbacks/bugs still lurking that are difficult to solve? (which wouldn't surprise me, indexing is a tough tough cookie I learned from the discussions in Sorrento 2015.

Development has stuck when just looking at the commits, but from what I understand collective.indexing is also a dependency for external search engine integration (solr/elasticsearch) where it provides cleaner patching.

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It works.
I remember that I spent quite a time in a debugger in this delayed committing for debugging tests, but I do not remember ever having seen problems in production.

collective.indexing and collective.solr are used in most of my production sites since ages without any issues.