State of redirections/RedirectionsTool in Plone 5.1/5.2?

In a project we have a deep content structure and in some case we need to directly redirect from a higher folder to some arbitrary folder down in the content structure. We solved this until today with redirections in the frontend proxy but this is no longer maintainable. Is there some sane solution for Plone 5.2? I tried Plone.RedirectionsTool but this Plone instance won't start with RedirectionsTools installed.

I still use Products.RedirectionTool in a 5.1 site, but there is and @staeff worked on it last - imho most of the work was done, not sure what's still missing.

My issue is possibly related to XML parsing in Python 3. The GS parser complains but some unparsable XML...will check this later.

Unfortunately I still did not manage to finish that work :frowning: Here is the related MR: If I remember correctly the functionality of Products.RedirectionTool is moved into CMFPlone. The controlpanel probably needs a bit work to be able to manage the redirections and it needs tests.

Really? Where should I find it?

You would need the CMFPlone branch from the PR that he points too.

Before going into core, it would be good if the usability issue from @fredvd could be addressed, about not being able to see the difference between a manually added redirect and an automatic one.

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This was all added in Plone 5.2.0.

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