State does not change from left nav

I have recent installation of plone 5.0.8 and I am having this problem that a private page's workflow state will not change from Private to Show Internally when clicked on from the left nav. When I click on the Show Internally, I get this message: "Info Item state changed." yet the item's state has not changed. I also have the client in foreground mode and there are no errors. Also no errors in the event.log
It works however, if I go to the advanced tab and change it to Show Internally. And when I do so, then I can actually change back to the private state from the left nav (not going to advanced).

do you use the default workflow ? I have a test 5.08 instance with default workflow and can't reproduce your problem, but for me it's called 'pending review', is it a translation problem and it's the same thing or not ?

It is the default workflow. My default workflow is set to "intranet_workflow"