Sort by order position in parent for collections

Just mentioning (to get it out there) that sorting by position in parent should probably be a standard option in collections.

It will be in the next release of, 1.3.3 or 1.4.0.

There is an upgrade step for that, but not sure will it included in Plone upgrade, or must it be run manually from portal_setup.

In addition, I'd like to advertise for testing. It monkeypatches gopipindex (getObjectPositionInParent) to return globally sortable values (in the current resultset) so that when the collection results contain objects from multiple folders, those results are also ordered after their parent folders position. An example (before and after) is given in the package's README.

Thanks for pointing his out @datakurre, this experimental.globalgopipindex will be useful as so will the next version of