[Solved] Which addons to install?

Hi, my client likes the layout of vhs-ehrenamtsportal.de. Can anyone from that team let me know which addons are installed to get the content into that form.

I am pretty sure @tisto knows it.
Given the favicon I guess it is some early Volto site.

@tisto? Or anyone else on that team?

A case-study about this project would be indeed interesting. It is Volto but has portlets :exploding_head:

Slightly off-topic: @tiberiuichim is planning to do a training on Volto Addons at Ploneconf 2020.

vhs-ehrenamtsportal.de was actually the first Volto (or plone-react back then) site ever. It is built on top of regular Plone content types and even the composite pages are just nested Plone content types (each block is a content type). This all evolved into our current Volto blocks concept and everything that Volto is today.

The good thing is that we are constantly developing the site for the client. We recently upgraded from plone-react to Volto 3 and then to Volto 5/8/something. The next step is to refactor the current "old", content types based, blocks to modern (JSON behavior based) blocks.

Victor, Ramon, and I gave a talk at Plone conference 2018 in Tokyo about this project:


I am happy to share the details and possibly code as well once this project is finished.

When it comes to complex page composition blocks in Volto, this is something we discussed in the Volto team recently. kitconcept, RedTurtle, and Eau de Web all have different grid-like block systems with different tradeoffs and pros and cons that we use for our client projects, some are open source.

We are currently in the process of finding a common base-line for Volto to hopefully include this feature in Volto core.

Yeah, we could not talk the client out of "portlets". Though, they are just a behavior and they just show up on a single page. So technically they are not portlets. :wink:

I'd love to have more case studies for all the Volto projects in the wild. Though, I know that all companies doing Volto these days are super busy with shipping their Volto projects to clients, so I know it is hard to find time for this. A good topic for Ploneconf talks...

Thanks @tisto, that is good to know. I'll start playing with the various open-source block addons.

I found EEA's volto-grid-block add-on that will hopefully do most of what is in vhs-ehrenamtsportal.de . Just need to tame flex :slight_smile:

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@mikemets There's also volto-columns-block and volto-block-style that you should try, they give you mostly the same flexibility that volto-grid-block provides, but with a nicer interface.

Be aware we're still working on them, but we'll have them moved to production in a few weeks, so they'll get some polish in between.

https://github.com/collective/awesome-volto for more volto addons.

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Thanks @tiberiuichim I saw those but I need to get something up soonest otherwise my client may be forced to go with diazo :flushed:

Many thanks the EEA volto guys for rolling out new releases of their block add-ons