SOLVED: Placeholder for easyform

Is it possible to show placeholder text instead of labels with collective.easyform (or do I need to make a custom form)

I would try to solve this problem with some Javascript code for scanning the labels and moving them as placeholder attributes into the related input field....or you customize easyform at all (which might be hard because it is based on z3c.form and the usual Plone field functionality).

or you can solve it using diazo.

Would be nice to do it as a widget (since I might load the form with pat-inject.

When I look at

it actually has a 'placeholder' entry, but I can not find this in the rendered page when I use this widget (I am sure I used the right widget, since I added another css class to it).

What am I missing ?

Changing the placeholder to use 'label' instead seems to do the trick: