[SOLVED] List of pages in private state

good evening
in my site I have several contributors who can add pages in folders but I have a single user who has the right to publish the pages.
How can my reviewer know that there are pages in private state, waiting to be published?
Is there a list of pages in private state?

There are a couple ways this could be done:

  1. The users that add the pages can likely change the site of the items to "Pending Review" by choosing "Submit for Publication" in the state menu. Then the "Review List" portlet can be added anywhere into the site. Only the user with permissions to publish will see this portlet, which lists all items that are pending review.
  2. A collection can be added anywhere in the site, with criteria set to only list items in the private state.

... and if that was not enought :slight_smile: you can use a content rule to send an email to the reviewer every time something is added to that folder.

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You could add a collection that shows items in the private state that are (say) 2 days old (ie. may have been forgotten). Then add a collection portlet for that collection. It will show up only if the logged in person has permission to see those private items, ie. only the user with reviewer role. You can also use the dashboard to add this collection portlet for the user with reviewer role, and have that person learn to use their dashboard.