[Solved... ish] Need to Somehow Enable Wikification in Plone 5

I just took a look to it and I would recommend you to stay away from it: wicked is a very old project (more than 10 years old) and it could be more complicated to fix it than to write a complete new version Dexterity only, and Plone 5 compatible.

follow @tkimnguyen advice and try to find funding for that before; I think this could take around 40-80 hours of work for sure.

look for developers outside US and Europe if your budget is limited.

A birdy told me it might be doable in 4 hours as a new transform.


other than a markdown editor, the only other think a wiki does is the method to create a page via unknown link... but is that really the best way? It has problems with CSRF protection due to it's write on click approach.

github wiki doesn't seem to support it - https://help.github.com/articles/adding-wiki-pages-via-the-online-interface/.
Maybe there is another way to add a new page via keyboard (which seems to be your goal)

non-existent pages would just link to an add form I would think.

A simple wiki would just be a transform that:

  • transformed wiki links to full links
  • transformed non-existent links to a custom add form

@vangheem I like the idea of an add form on broken links, but instead of the transform for wiiki links we can just support markdown and a generic feature which gave more options for broken links. ie drop the Wiki link transform... does any modern wiki support the wiki link convention of ThisIsALink?

For example, if the editor types [mylink] or [mylink](mydoc) and saves it and clicks on that link they get a link to a plone 404 page. Instead of saying the normal plone 404 page, if the user is logged in with enough permission we replace it with a 'do you want to add a page called "mydoc"? or add a redirect to another page?'.
That means there is no need for a special wiki link syntax or a special behaviour in a folder that needs to be turned on like wicked did. Instead its a UI enhancement for all users of Plone.

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No, please! The main Wiki feature is who did what at which hour, with a complete history. Simple text editor (no html!) and a clear way to see who did the modification, where and when.

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awesome! then fixing it is totally doable in the current state and it could be easy to fund it.

BTW, birdy, did you took into account the time needed to setup the test builds and clean up the package to make maintenance easier and future-proof?

wicked has hard dependencies on Archetypes also, so you can expect some surprises on API incompatibilities.

good luck on that!

I might be a mediocre developer, but I consider myself a pretty decent project manager.

that is achievable by enabling plone.app.versioningbehavior as in any other Dexterity-based content type.

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Where can I find info on how to make a new transform ( I would like to add 'Markdown Extra' (it has tables, footnotes etc) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown_Extra . )

@espenmn in the manual. http://docs.plone.org/develop/plone/misc/html.html

After a little digging around: it looks like this might already be avalable in Plone, but not enabled.
All one has to do is to enable the plugins in

.markdown(orig, extensions=['markdown.extensions.fenced_code',
'tables', 'extra'])

No idea why this is not enabled by default.

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I'm assuming this is different from text/x-web-markdown right?
Reading the Wikipedia entry, would "Markdown Extra" be closer to wiki style text markdown than the current default included list?

Is there a reason it is disable? Security? Stability? Other?

@espenmn how is that enabled?

I see that I do have the file markdown_to_html.py in my /opt/plone/buildout-cache/eggs/Products.PortalTransforms-2.2.1-py2.7.egg/Products/PortalTransforms/transforms

Frankly, I dont know much about 'wiki', but seeing what markdown extra has (which can easily be enabled in Plone), it would fit every need I 'ever need' if it was possible to enable 'add link' (which should be possible by making a a browser view to add new content.

I think (probably) everything you see at https://stackedit.io will work in plone. There is also a wiki link extension that I have not tried: https://pythonhosted.org/Markdown/extensions/wikilinks.html

simply to register the solution here; @vangheem released the following new package:

in which the wiki feature was completely refactored in a clever and maintainable way using portal transforms.

as @tkimnguyen stated: simple and elegant.


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@hvelarde lol thx ... @merpdotcom and I were discussing how to crowdfund this but he and his client went ahead and funded the SimpleWiki work :smile:

The linking by ID works fine so far. The title matching linking is fiddlier.

yes, as soon as your content grows or you add different levels you'll start seeing more issues.

a Wiki is a completely different beast and, in Plone, neither ID nor titles are unique; you have to use the whole path or the UUID, but that's not user-friendly.

so, collective.simplewiki could work fine in small, flat sites, and could not scale very well; only time and use will tell.

anyway, is so simple that making it better will be easy.

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If someone wants to take a crack at fixing the linking-by-title issues (matching by title is harder) that would be wonderful.

I can imagine one nice enhancement being the display of matching content as you type the ID (or title) so you can pick one.

I'm not sure it's a great way to link. Doesn't mediawiki only allow linking by ID too?

And yes, hector is right about UID... but id is what we have to work with and it isn't too bad for a simple wiki solution. It is called "simple wiki" :slight_smile:

The basic wiki in Pone 4.3, works just fine by Title [[Title Name Here]] to find it. Is there something in 5 that makes this more difficult? Or did the older wiki software have a lot more coded to make it more user friendly?

We've had to reevaluate using 5.5 just isn't there yet, and the integration of so many best of breed products isn't workable. So we're trying to work it from the 4.3 base, with far more options in one platform. But, hopefully the efforts started with SimpleWiki for 5, will be built upon and improved, so that when 5 is ready as a migration path from 4, the remaining wiki features will be worked out by then.
Many thanks & cheers!

Just a note, there seems to be an issue with collective.simplewiki and mosaic