Solr/Elasticsearch support in Plone 5.2/Python 3

I am current checking options for using ES or Solr in a Python 5.2/Python 3 stack.

Newest version of collective.solr is currently in alpha but still has a hard dependency on Archetypes (CatalogMultiplex).

I also checked collective.elasticsearch during the Munich sprint but this add-on has a hard dependency from ZServer (for at least for configuration purposes).

Anyone also interested or working on bringing on of the modules to the "new" world of Python 3 and Dexterity-only?

We will have to drag ours to Python 3 sooner or later:

collective.solr is compatible with Plone 5.1 and it except it to work on Python 5.2. Though we currently have a few test failures. I guess moving the package to Python 3 wouldn't be too much work. Though, we currently do not have a client on Plone 5.2/Python 3 so I won't be able to work on this.

I am more than happy to help if someone wants to tackle this or if someone is willing to sponsor the enhancement.

See this github issue for updates:

We, at der Freitag, are using collective.solr with a small delta on top of (collective) master. @jnns already started some exploratory work on porting it to python 3, much is still left to do.

We will port it to python 3 during this year most probably, I can not really say exactly when, nor if it will be upstream. We have some other top priorities right now, depending on when they are finished, most probably the next top priority at that time will be 5.2/py3.

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I started to look into upgrading c.solr to Plone 5.2 and Python 3 over the weekend. The main problem right now seems to be the collective.indexing merge into core. If you would be willing to help on this I am happy to look into Plone 5.2 compatibility and Python 3. I think we need to go step by step here to not loose track.

What about the CatalogMultiplex dependency from AT?