Site description no longer present in Plone 5

I realized today that when I go to @@site-controlpanel under Plone 5 I don't see an option for "site description". I'm curious about the rationale for this.

I checked a Plone 4.3 site and I wasn't seeing anything in the source showing what I'd entered in the site description field. So was it even doing anything before?

I'm not sure, I assumed it was related to metadata, for example what you see in search results

imho it was only used on content items that had no description field and i think the fieldhelp says that it will be used in some sort of feed.

the description as meta information was always the one of the content item.

I'm not tied to it, I just wanted to be sure I hadn't lost something useful.

It was removed on purpose:

But where is the google site description coming from? I can't find it in the source of

from the content item that is accessed as the default page of the plone root

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I think is important to document this; I just don't know where... any suggestion?

I'd put it into the Upgrade Guide